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When I Tell You That I Love You [Quando dico che ti amo]

When I Tell You That I Love You [Quando dico che ti amo] – The Official Music Video!

CAMA Records (2014)

Directed and Edited by Giulio Volpe
D.O.P.: Giacomo Frittelli
Camera Assistant: Matteo Stefan
Artistic Supervision: Roberto Bassanini and Antonella Bruno
Choreography by Manuela Bertolo
Make Up and Hair Stylist: Arianna Arcelli
Hair Stylist for Stefano Signoroni: Giulio Dal Cengio

Musicians: Flavio Scopaz and Giordano Colombo
Dancers: Marcel Frecauntanu and Annalisa Vancini


Music to watch girls by

Music to Watch Girls By Official videoclip 2011 - feat. Jacopo Sarno and Ugo Conti Directed by Jacopo Sarno and Federico Anzini Director of photografy Francesco Marullo