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LE BAR AMERICAIN – Monte Carlo – SUMMER 2020


Dal 27 LUGLIO al 9 AGOSTO 2020: tutte le sere live @ LE BAR AMERICAIN – Monte Carlo (Principauté de Monaco)

From 27 JULY to 9 AUGUST 2020: every night live @ LE BAR AMERICAIN – Monte Carlo (Principauté de Monaco)

“With its unique decor, cosy ambiance and jazzy feel, the legend of Monte Carlo is palpable here. The bar is famous for its live music programme and signature cocktails. The Bar Américain of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo invites you to relax and enjoy with all your senses at any time of day”

Zelig Time... su ZELIG TV!

Stefano Signoroni ospite a Zelig Time con Federico Basso, Davide Paniate, Alessandro Betti, Gianni Cinelli, Flavio Oreglio, Dado, Giovanni Cacioppo, Vincenzo Albano, Ale Baldi, Sil[...]